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Buy smart reusable packaging and say bye to single-use plastic.

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Algramo is self-service, cash-less and touch-less, and allows you to buy as much cleaning product as you need

How it works

1. Download the app & create your account

2. Charge your account

3. Bring your Smart Reusable Packaging to an Algramo dispenser

4. Choose how much you want to fill

Algramo’s smart dispensing system lets you buy refillable and affordable cleaning products like Clorox and Pine-Sol

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Associated brands

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Algramo is a smart dispensing system that allows you to buy the amount of product you need without paying for the packaging. You can reuse your smart reusable packing to refill your favorite products at a discounted price compared to what you purchase at a store.

We currently offer Clorox Splashless Bleach and Pine-Sol. We’ll be adding more exciting products in the near future.

We currently accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, & Discover). You can add funds to your account by using the Algramo mobile app. Cash is not accepted.

No, you must use our Smart Reusable Packaging. You can pick up your own smart reusable packaging at each machine location. Your packaging has a built-in RFID chip that becomes your digital wallet each time you use our machine.



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