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This application is operated by Algramo S.p.A. (“Algramo” o “we”). Our Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the use of the App, which can be found here: LINK.


The protection and care of your personal data is of great importance to Algramo. Your personal data, the information which identifies you or enables your identification process (“Personal Data”), is of great importance, and why we ask you to please review in detail the terms of this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) specifically with regard to the collection and use of Personal Data. In order for Algramo to process your Personal Data in accordance with the law, you must expressly authorize us to do so, by accepting this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with some of the terms in this Policy and decline to accept them, you will unfortunately not be able to use the Algramo system.  

Algramo is responsible for your Personal Data, and is the controller of the database of such data. When you provide us with any Personal Data, you guarantee and hold yourself responsible for providing us with real, accurate, up-to-date information that belongs to you not to any other third party.


In case you have questions regarding the contents of our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at the following email:


¿Which personal data do we collect?


Algramo will first collect and store information from the registration process on the Algramo App such as:

·    Name and surname (or Last name)

·    Email address

·    App password


Once registered, we may request the following information:

·    Telephone number

·    Date of birth

·    Photograph

·    Payment details

·    Delivery Addresses registered in the App

·    Location of your mobile via GPS

·    Information on payments performed to load your Account

·    Information on Algramo orders, including (for example) Products, date, time when the order was performed, amount charged, method of payment

·    Information on points accumulated

·    Information on estimate Co2 emission levels you avoid generating because of using the Services and buying the Products.

·    Information on how you interact with the App, such as date, time of entry, failures or flaws in the App.

·    Information on communication performed with Algramo, detailing contents, date and time performed.


In case we encounter Personal Data of third parties while reviewing your information, you agree that you have all the necessary authorizations from the third parties involved, in order to submit their information, according to the law applicable; and that you also accept responsibility for any complaint related to data privacy from such third parties against Algramo.


Algramo may request a type of document to confirm that the Personal Data shown when creating the Account is that of the person itself (for example by sending you a link and/or verification code to your mail and/or phone). Algramo reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend users whose details cannot be confirmed


Algramo may obtain other personal data from public access sources and other third parties, in accordance with the law. Any information and data gained directly or indirectly will always be treated in compliance with this Privacy Policy.


¿What will we use your personal data for?


We will collect, maintain, and in general, use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

·    Provide Services and/or deliver Products.

·    Carry out promotions.

·    Contact you to reply to your queries or doubts or solve your complaints.

·    Send information relative to Services and Products (for example, related to future or up-coming promotions or launch of new products, events, or business information)

·    Send you surveys.

·    Apply business intelligence, perform statistical analysis and create profiles, including the subsequent anonymization of your data once these activities have been performed.

·    Comply with legal obligations, regulate with legal, regulatory or judicial, administrative or authority orders.

·    In what is strictly necessary for the negotiation and implementation of an acquisition or merger of Algramo by another company, which in such a scenario will become controller of your Personal Data, assuming the rights and obligations that today assist Algramo as controller.

·    Correct operation and management of the contents of the App.

·    Improvement of our Services and determination of the Products we offer.

·    [Aggregate data (depersonalized) for strategic intelligence from brands]


Algramo will neither sell nor share your Personal Data with third parties outside of what is shown in this Privacy Policy.


In the event Algramo wanted to use your Personal Data for purposes other than those indicated, we will duly inform you and, if and when required – according to the applicable legislation –will request your authorization.


Who do we share your Personal Data with?


Algramo will never share your Personal Data with third parties, except as provided in this privacy policy.


You authorize us to share your Personal Data with:

·    Our essential service providers whose sole purpose is directly related to the collection, maintenance, or use of data.  For example, our cloud service provider who stores your data. These third parties will handle your Personal Data in lieu of and on behalf of Algramo.  Algramo will continue to be responsible for  your data, even when being managed by such essential service providers. We do not authorize our service providers to use or disclose Personal Data, except when it is necessary in order to offer specific services on our behalf, or when they must comply with legal requirements or meet regulations.

·    Any company controlled by or in shared control of with Algramo, for any purpose permitted by this policy.


Likewise, you authorize us to disclose or transfer your Personal Data in the following cases:

·    Negotiation or implementation of an acquisition or merger of Algramo by another company. In the event we sell or transfer part of or all of our businesses or assets, we would transfer your Personal Data. In such a scenario, we would arbitrate reasonable means for the assignee, the new data controller, to use the Personal Data in compliance with this Privacy Policy. After the sale or transfer, you will be able to contact the entity to which your Personal Data has been transferred to in order to make any necessary query regarding the processing of your Personal Data.

·    If required by law, regulation, or a judicial process.

·    When we deem it necessary or appropriate to avoid physical harm or financial loss, or in connection with an investigation of alleged or actual fraudulent or illegal activities. The Personal Data shared in those cases will be the minimum necessary to comply with the request.

·    In the event you were to file a claim for defects or regulatory breaches with regard to the Products, we can share your Personal Data with the collaborating company which owns the brand, for the processing of and ultimate solution to your claim.


Outside of these specified use cases, we will only share your Personal Data with third parties if and only if you give us the authorization to do so. For example, we might offer an option to share your contact details to enable and expressly allow delivery of commercial communications by the brands whose products you are purchasing. We remind you that this option is voluntary and in no way a condition for your purchases or for the provision of services.


Finally, we may share, sell or transfer aggregated statistical information with any third party or collaborator that does not identify you. Your Personal Data will be fully anonymized such that you are not identified, nor could not be identified via the use of that information, and therefore such aggregated and anonymized data are no longer Personal Data.


What rights do you have regarding your Personal Data?


You can at any time revoke the written consent you have given us by means of this authorization.


Furthermore, depending on the applicable legislation, you can request the following at any time: (i) access to and information on the Personal Data we have on you and how we have been dealing with it; (ii) to update and correct any errors within that data; (iii) request that your data be blocked or deleted, or (iv) that the personal information or data that we have on you be provided in a portable format.


Please bear in mind that upon revoking your consent to use of or disclosure of Personal Data by Algramo, or requesting that it be deleted, may mean that you will not be able to continue using the App or the Algramo Services.


All these rights can be made effective by contacting us on the following email address


How do we protect your Personal Data?

Algramo has specific security protocols, as well as technical, and physical measures, specifically designed to protect Personal Data against illegal or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or accidental use.


Notwithstanding the aforementioned, you will be solely responsible for the care and proper use of your account, as well as for keeping the access password safely protected. If by any chance, you think that someone may know your access password, you must modify it immediately by entering into the modifying option provided for this purpose in the App.


Who is the person or area in charge of Personal Data Protection

The Customer Service division is the area in charge of all matters related to protection of Personal Data in Algramo. They deal with all requests, queries and objections related to Personal Data and the Privacy Policy. The contact details are as follows:


·    Email:


How can we modify this Policy?

It is likely that, together with the changes we are performing on our App, we may have to modify all or part of the terms contained in this Privacy Policy. Once we have made substantial modification or amendments to this Privacy Policy, we will publish an ad in our App or we will notify you via email of the same, and if necessary, we will ask for your written consent. If you were to choose not to accept these amendments or new versions of the Privacy Policy, you will not be able to continue using this App.

Finally, upon agreeing to this Policy, you declare to be of legal age, above 18 years old. Algramo does not intentionally obtain Personal Data of minors.


Privacy Policy updated on the 07 August, 2020.